Nederlandse Ambassade in Cotonou, Benin


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1 Netherlands Embassy Cotonou - Youth Strategy - January 2016

Interest in the nexus between youth and sustainable development has grown significantly in recent years. This interest is partly fuelled by recent events such as protests and riots with a high social media factor (Occupy, Arab Spring, Umbrella Movement etc.), the European migration crisis, and the advancement of rebel groups and terrorism - all in which youth play(ed) an important role - but it can also be seen as a consequence of ever increasing advocacy from youth themselves to gain greater ‘voice’ (decision-making power) in the formulation of policies and programmes that affect them. For a long time youth have been largely excluded from political processes and the specific needs, rights and aspirations of young people were largely ignored. In recent years however, the world’s youth population – which is larger, more educated, and better connected than ever before – is increasingly acknowledged as a key population of beneficiaries and actors in development processes, without whose active involvement development goals will remain largely unmet.

2 Consulaire Tarieven 2016_Benin

Een overzicht van de consulaire tarieven van de ambassade in Benin.

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5 Paspoortaanvraag Benin, Kameroen, Gabon, Eq Guinea

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